2018: A Year in Review

2018 has been such a year of personal and business growth! I would say my word for the year was definitely "realization". I recognized that the first step to change and growth was realizing in what areas my life needed certain improvements and remodeling. I realized that my business was becoming an actual big-girl thing-- growing, providing employment for a number of people, and serving my community in a big way. I realized that to make the changes it needed to grow I needed to re-group and re-prioritize some things. In my personal life, I realized that I feel better and work better when I take time for self-care-- even things as simple as wearing outfits I feel confident in and that express my style. I realized that people actually care about my personal, outside of Pin it Co., life and so I started writing these blogs and doing more fun things outside of work. 

With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the cool things that happened this year! So, here it is: my 2018 year in review!


In January, I started the year off fresh by painting my floors! It was a really fun home project that reminded me how much I love renovating and home projects. I don't get to do a ton of things like this as often anymore since my business has grown, so I enjoy any chance I have to create in my own space!


Girls night is a monthly tradition my friends and I have had for almost two years! In February, we decided to include our fellas! We went to TopGolf and ate all the delicious treats!


In March, we continued Girls Night with a girls trip to Savannah! We spent time eating all the food (clearly this is a trend) and hanging out on River Street!

I also got my license, again! Allow me to explain... I possibly let my license expire for a little bit of time and had to retake the test to get a new one! I passed!!

Pin it Co. also won business of the month in our community! It definitely put a fire under me to keep going and growing.

March was seriously a huge month! My husband and I bought a new truck! We have definitely used it this year going to get shipments and new merchandise.


We pulled off Joy Prom again! I started Joy Prom four years ago for individuals with special needs. This event allows them to have their own prom! There is dancing, a meal, and we even crown a king and queen! It is always one of the highlights of my year, and this year was no different.


The Vintage Pickin' Fair is one of my favorite events of the year! I get to take a nice break from work and enjoy vintage finds and great food! The crepe stands this year were no doubt my favorite.

Another fun thing happened in May! We took a girls trip to the beach! My aunt owns a condo in Navarre Beach, and it made for the prettiest weekend get-away! 


June was a special month for me. I adopted my sweet rescue baby, Coco. The intent was to help her back to full health (you can see she didn't have much hair in this photo due to severe allergies that had been neglected), but I ended up totally attached to her and now she lives at my shop! She brings me immeasurable joy on stressful work days.

I also rebranded my store! The business got a whole new look, complete with a new logo, new uniforms, new displays and so much more! We threw a re-branding party to celebrate!

I started on my home office! It is a work in progress, but this is going to be a huge step in amping up the #bossbabe levels this year!


I helped throw my friend Leah a baby sprinkle! It was a sweet celebration for her new baby!


My mom has always wanted to visit Noah's Ark in Kentucky, and in August my sister and I were able to take her! It was a super fun trip. If you missed my Instagram stories of my mom riding a bike, you missed out.


This was something long overdue! I finally had professional photos made of me and my husband! Shoutout to ENewbern Photography for the beautiful photos! 

We went vintage pickin' again this month! It was another fun time with more fun food!


So this is what happens when you wait last minute to carve pumpkins... you are left with the Piggly Wiggly's pie pumpkins! Oh well, still a fun time!


November is my store's birthday month! We celebrated FIVE years with our Christmas open house and yummy birthday cake!


Since my husband and I are both December babies, we always have a huge joint birthday party! This year we partied 80s style! There were inflatable obstacle courses, sumo wrestling and dancing!

We celebrated my birthday, the 23rd, at Ponce City Market in Atlanta with my family! I have grown to love this fun, little shopping center!

The first step to making huge changes is realizing what areas need changing, and that's what I tackled this year. So 2019, I am ready to make big steps and big life moves. I hope you're ready too.

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