We Opened a New Storefront!!

We opened a new storefront!! After closing our Bowdon storefront in March, announcing that we would be moving to Carrollton in May, we finally celebrated the grand opening of our brand new space with a weekend long event on August 21st and August 22nd! It was a phenomenal weekend celebrating this beautiful, new space and I could not be more proud of how everything came together!

I wanted to come on my blog and share some photos of this new storefront so that all of you who aren't local can see it in all of its beauty! You can just call this a virtual photo tour! So, come on in and stay awhile!

When you first walk in the door, this is the first space you see:

This is one of our many living room spaces in the storefront! I think that this space being at the very front is perfect because it captures my goal with this storefront-- to create a space where you might want to waste a little time! It feels less retail and cold and more inviting and inspiring!

To the right, you will find our Pin it Co. Candle Bar!

Here, you can sniff and shop all of our signature hand-poured candles in a variety of custom scents and vessels! There is truly something for everyone!

To the left, we have our potting shed! Need a vase, greenery, or florals? You can find it here! The selection is BIG and the quality of these greens is HIGH! If you have any of our Pin it Co. greenery, you just know how good it is! This new storefront is seriously no exception!

Right behind the mantle of our first living room display, you will find another!

This is our grey living room! We have a three seater sofa and a love seat to match! Our furniture line in the storefront is seriously amazing! Great pieces at wonderful prices! This is another great place for your husband or kids to hang out while you shop!

On the right of that space, is our mudroom! Fun fact: This is the very first display that I styled when we started styling out spaces in the storefront! I am still just as in love with it as I was then.

To the left of the grey living room, you will find one of the most fun and exciting parts of our new storefront! You guys have been hyped about this every since we announced it. Seriously-- we were getting several calls per week about this paint!

This is our Fusion Paint section! We have (almost-- the rest is coming soon) the entire line of Fusion Paint products! Beautiful colors, preps and finishes, helpful booklets, and a workshop table! However-- the best part about Fusion Mineral Paint is that it doesn't require hardly any prep or finish. It is an easy, one and done paint for your DIY projects!

In front of the grey living room, is this sweet little table of goodies!

Here we have one of our 5 new styles of t-shirts, along with our line of cards, and other little trinkets! This shirt is probably one of my favorites of the new designs-- so I love that it is highlighted here!

I just HAVE to show you our beautiful checkout counter! Southern Sunshine Shop cut this beautiful metal sign for us and we painted it with some of our metallic Fusion Paint! This is where you will checkout with all of your lovely finds!

The two sections next to our checkout counter are full of more lovely goodies!

The rest of our t-shirt designs are in this lovely bookcase and we are obsessed with each one of them! We have one that says "Indoorsy", a fun "Faux Plant Lady" design, one with Coco and Phoebe's face drawn by Holly's Hues in Florida (check her out on Facebook- she is SO talented), and the classic Pin it logo!

In front of this section, we also have this table of some sweet little gift-able items!

Here you can find anything from bath bombs, makeup bags, key chains, jewelry, car coasters and more! I seriously love all the cute finds! Everything on this table makes a great birthday, Christmas, or "thinking of you" gift. I am obsessed with the fun pop of color the bath bomb filled bathtub provides!

On the other side of the store from this display, is another living room!

This living room was the second space we styled in the new storefront, and it is still a favorite of mine! I am also so happy to finally be able to offer a sectional as part of our furniture line! In the past, when I have styled homes with local realtors, I have almost always used a sectional. And y'all have ALWAYS asked if we sold any. Now-- we finally do! This off-white section really makes a statement in this living room and I seriously want it in my house. Also, that clock. Enough said.

In front of that section, we have our dining room!

This dining room is styled out for everyday decor and the bright pops of green and neutrals are giving me all the feels. I'm a BIG fan! The chandelier hanging over this table (which has now been sold since it was priced at an INCREDIBLE deal) is just one of our many light fixtures available in store! Isn't it just dreamy?

Behind the dining room table, you can find these shelves and cabinets with all of the items we used to style it out! That is one thing I love about this storefront: whenever you see a styled space, you can find the items used to create it super close by, so you can create the same look without a second thought!

We couldn't have a dining room and not have a kitchen, so right to the left in the middle section of the storefront is this BEAUTIFUL, custom-built kitchen island and cabinets with more items for the kitchen than you could ever imagine!

Anything you might want in your kitchen, you can find here! You can't see all of it in the photo, but the vintage "Produce" sign above the cabinets is a perfect piece to add some serious character into your space!

If you were a regular in our Bowdon storefront, you may recognize these LARGE cabinets! We moved these bad boys over and painted them with a few coats of white paint and they seriously transformed! They add so much light to the space!

We also added these black lights above them that really make a big difference in brightening the space as well!

These wrap around the back left and very back wall of our storefront! In one of the shelves on each vertical set, we have a different styled out vignette. In the rest of the shelves above and below that styled out look, we have the items (and more) that we used to create the look!

You can find a mantle look like this one...

A sweet buffalo plaid and yellow kitchen...

A staple laundry room...

A cozy living room, and more!

On our back wall, we have quite a few shelves full of bedding!

I'm talking pillows, duvet covers, shams, bed skirts, quilts, throws, and more! This section really makes me want to cozy up and nap!

Speaking of bedding...

Our styled out bed display includes an amazing bed frame that is part of our furniture line as well! How dreamy is this space! It is the perfect area to see what some of our bedding looks like styled out with other home decor to create a sweet bedroom like this one!

And of course, would it even be Pin it Co. without a plethora of dough bowls, sugar molds, and fillers for both?

I think not! I love this section of the store (that is right in front of our back wall and right behind our kitchen) that reminds me that sometimes the classic things in life are the best. Our farmhouse staples are part of our roots and they are still so popular today! You can find anything your heart desires to fill a dough bowl and sugar mold in these cabinets and baskets.

And you can find a variety of styles of sugar molds and dough bowls to style in the display right next to it! You will not be disappointed!

I cannot believe we've already reached the end of our little virtual store tour! Thanks for coming along and hanging around with me! I look forward to seeing you soon at 1305 South Park Street Carrollton, GA 30117!

We are open Monday-Saturday from 9-8! Come on out and meet your new favorite place to get in some much needed retail therapy and waste a little time!

Xoxo, Ally



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