Our 2 Year CommentSold Birthday!

If you saw the title of this blog, you know that we are celebrating our two year birthday with CommentSold! May 19th marks two whole trips around the sun using this awesome software and it has been such a fun time! We wanted to take a look back on some of the milestones and memories we've shared along the way, since CommentSold has really allowed us to take you guys on this crazy journey that is Pin it Co!

Check out this fun and adorable video that highlights some of our best Live Sale moments!

I also wanted to re-cap some other highlights from our 2 years!

Our first item: Vintage Hardware Tray
The first item we ever posted with CommentSold went up on May 19th at 9:00 a.m. The Vintage Hardware Tray was a hot seller for months!

Our Best-Selling Item: Hand-Poured Soy Melts
Can you guess what our best-selling item ever has been?? Our Hand-Poured Soy Melts took the lead! We have sold 2,104 melts in total! That's craziness! Our best selling sent has been Gather-- we've sold 394 of that scent alone!

We hit a huge group member milestone when we reached 15,000 members on July 1st, 2017-- just less than two months after being with CommentSold we grew 10,000 members!

Our first live sale went down on May 30th, 2017-- they weren't regular then, but that was our beginning... and the rest was history!

On May 5th, 2018 we launched an app with CommentSold! It's gotten a new look since then because on June 1st of that same year, we rebranded!

Our journey with CommentSold has been one like no other! We have loved the last two years and loved sharing it with all of you!

We hope you'll continue to stay along for the ride!

We Get it From Our Mamas: The Pin it Co. Moms

Here at Pin it Co., we are a big family! And today, we want to introduce you to our families-- particularly, our mothers!

In honor of Mother's Day weekend, I wanted to put together a compilation of all of my Pin it Co. employee's moms! We sent out a message and asked them to each give a mom tip and some funny stories about their kiddos! All of the moms definitely had so much fun doing this and we enjoyed reading what they had to say-- and definitely got a laugh out of the stories!

Lyn-- My mama!

"Ally has always been an energetic, hard working, fun loving, creative and very smart young lady! There are so many memories I could share with you about Ally, because there is never a dull moment when she is around. When Ally was a small child, we made several trips to the emergency room. She loved sticking beads, small items, and even small pieces of baby wipes up her nose. She would run to me and say 'Mommy, look what I did!'. I would almost panic seeing her nose so full, but I would get what I could out and take her to the hospital for the remainder. Another memory, that I can recall, is when she was in Kindergarten. Ally went to school with her cousin Curtis' underwear on because he had left a pair at our house. She wanted to wear them so bad because they were different from hers with that hole in the front. I wouldn't let her wear them, but she switched one morning before school without me knowing. When the teacher helped her zip her pants up she asked Ally, 'Does your mommy know you are wearing little boy's underwear?' Ally replied, 'Yeah my mommy doesn't know the difference!' I was so embarrassed being a young mother!!"

Laura Gail-- Lindsey + Callie's Mom

"I'm the lucky mom of two Pin-it kiddos. Callie is my youngest, the babe of the fam. She was, by far, the easiest child to raise. Not just because of her naturally sunny disposition, but because I had used all the energy and insight I could muster towards parenting her brother and older sister. Let's just say it's a good thing Callie liked to swing. A funny story... One morning, when I couldn't find her in her bed, I discovered her playing behind a chair in the family room. Here, she had methodically portioned out an entire bottle of syrup into a circle of little overflowing cups and containers. What Callie has taught me as a parent... a Hershey bar a day really won't kill your kid. I love my Callie-pillar.
My second Pin it kid is Lindsey. As a young (and only) child until age nine, Lindsey was an obedient conformist. That's right, she did no wrong. Truly, a highly imaginative and creative child never did write on the walls, or paint on the furniture. Funny story: When Lindsey was a preschooler, we had trouble with our phone line going out. After a couple of attempts to solve the problem by the phone company a technician was sent to our home. Mystified at the inconsistency in the line working then shorting out, he decided to inspect each phone jack, one by one. Minutes later he called me and Lindsey into the living room where he held out a disconnected jack. 'I found your problem ma'am.' Inside the phone hack were crammed a couple of raisins. Lindsey had poked them in several jacks throughout the house that didn't have phones attached. Phones worked just fine after that day. What Lindsey has taught me... Blue and yellow make green. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Raisins re-hydrate, even in a phone jack."

Sandy-- Shane's Mom

"Raising Shane was a great blessing, he was an easy going child. The one tip I learned from him was to never underestimate your kid, they will always surprise you. As he grew older he loved playing practical jokes: waiting around the corner to jump out to scare us, putting a rubber band around the kitchen sink spray handle so we would get soaked, or loosening the salt shaker cap. Shane could talk anyone into doing some of the craziest things: putting a paperclip into an electric socket, letting him hit "Corey" over the head with a broomstick, or the time he video-taped kids doing dangerous tricks on skateboards and bikes. His brother tells a funny story of when Shane was clearing off some land and got into a yellow jacket nest (not funny to Shane). He rain to his brother, face all swollen, and told him to take him to the ER. I am so very proud to be Shane's mom, he has brought me great joy."

Melinda-- Brittany's Mom

"Brittany was always a very smart, creative, and sweet child growing up. She was also very independent. One of my favorite stories to tell about Brittany happened when she was about 6 years old. After teaching all day at Ephesus Elementary, I had a parent/teacher conference after school. Brittany was in my classroom playing, so I told her to go outside and play during the conference. After a fairly long conference, I was extremely tired and left to go home-- without Brittany!! You would think a normal 6 year old would have gotten upset about being left behind by her mom at school, but not Britt. She walked right up to my principal's office and asked if the principal would call her mother for her. You can imagine my surprise when my principal called and said, 'I think you forgot something at school!'
Brittany's now a great mom to little Myra Grace and we often laugh about how much Myra is like her mommy. If I shared some parental advice, it would probably be to spend lots of quality time with your children & most importantly make sure that you look to the Lord for guidance in all areas of raising your child."

Christy-- Jessi's Mom

"I'm Jessi's mom, but I didn't become her Mom until I married her Dad a few years ago. Jessi was 15 years old when she became mine. I never had any children of my own so she is my one & only. She has been a blessing to help raise because of her sweet, loving personality. I don't have any baby stories just teenage tales-- In order to get Jessi motivated to do her chores, I offered to pay her $20 per week, but each time I found her things left lying around (dirty towels, dishes, food wrappers, etc.) I would subtract $1.00. By the end of the first week, SHE owed ME five dollars. Yep, -$5.00 in one week... experiment over. Even money was not a motivator. Another story: Jessi wanted to know if Nana was going to hatch out any baby chickens. I told her Nana didn't have any roosters. Jessi looked confused & asked 'then how are there eggs & how do you get baby chickens?' I said, 'Well, when a Daddy chicken & a Mommy chicken really love each other...' I got a huge sigh & eye roll. Also, this was last week..."

Kelli-- Haley's Mom

"Haley is my very ambitious, loving, precious, and DRAMATIC child! My mom tip that I learned from her is that it's important to pick and choose your battles!! My favorite story about Haley is a story that we all love to tell, except Haley! Haley and her brother were riding bikes around the pool. It was February and freezing outside! Haley was showing off and fell head first into the pool! We love to tease her about this! Allen said she literally climbed up his arm and screamed and cried as she was running into the house! Like I said... dramatic!! But seriously, we are blessed! She makes us very proud!!"

Kristin- Danai's Mom

"Danai is the sweetest, sassiest, shyest, intelligent girl. We have grown up together having her at 18 myself. What she has taught me is a daughter is God's gift of a bestest friend for life. We have so much fun together. My advice is to always have an open relationship with your child, and always be a listening ear. My funniest memory is on Christmas morning her stomping her foot saying, 'If I didn't have you 2 sisters, this would all be for me!'. She is such a hard worker and I'm so proud of her and her accomplishments."

Beverly-- Anna K's Mom

"First, I must say that Anna has kept her dad and me young well beyond our actual years just trying to keep up with her! She has always been very busy and involved in dance and sports, but we probably laid that foundation as we dragged the poor child to every game that both her older brother and sister ever played in! I had to keep her strapped in an umbrella stroller just to keep up with her. One time she actually turned the whole stroller over and landed face down on the ground! I think the scariest time was when we had laid down for a nap together when she was around 3-years-old-- I woke up to find her gone, the front door was open and she was nowhere to be found, at least as far as I could see. I called out so many times until I was just crying sitting there. I heard someone call me and here she came, walking with a neighbor who lived two doors up-- she had gone to visit! Needless to say, we came to an understanding that afternoon! Anna has grown into a very independent, creative young woman with a huge heart for others-- I am so very proud of her and love her so much! My best mothering tips-- enjoy every minute, stay involved, listen and speak with love, and definitely pick your battles!"

Sherrie-- Katie's Mom

"Katie has always been quite independent and into crafting. One of her favorite phrases when she was little was, 'Me do diss myself'. This usually meant an extra 10 to 15 minutes was added on to whatever we were doing, but she almost always succeeded! As far as crafting goes, one day on our way home from daycare (she was about 2 years old) during the middle of rush hour traffic she was talking and talking about her day and from the back seat I hear 'Mom, I put a button up my nose today'. Me, 'That's nice'. I didn't have another thought about that statement the rest of the week. On Saturday morning her Dad came down from her room with a look of concern on his face and a button in his hand. He tells me Katie has just pulled it out of her nose. I say, 'Oh yeah, she told me she put one up there earlier in the week when I was driving and I forgot about it'. Motherly advice-- listen to your children no matter how much they talk and support them in their efforts to be independent! I love you Katie and am so proud and honored to be your mother!"

Lisa-- Anna T's Mom

"Anna is a very smart, creative and caring young woman! I've always thought Anna is wise beyond her years. Anna has a heart for nations and for that I am so thankful she is using her gift to spread the gospel. Anna plans to move to Guatemala after graduating college and that makes this momma very proud! Now to the good stuff... When Anna was in her early teen years, let's just say she didn't have what I call common sense. So teaching her to drive was very fun. She thought the car would follow the road and she didn't have to turn the wheel, so her first few times driving were very exciting. She also thought if she was backing up everything should just move out of her way. She has definitely gotten better, but if you see her car at Pin it you will recognize it because of the scratches and dents! For the mothering tips I would say always listen to your children's opinions even if you don't agree. You might be amazed what you can learn from them! Also let them know whatever mistakes they make you are always there for them. The best thing a mom can do for their child is to pray for them."

Melissa-- EJ's Mom

"Emily-Jane is my first born and she is a very literal person. Once as a child I sent her in the grocery store to buy cup cakes for her class. She came out with a cake mix and icing. When she was 3 I enrolled her in ballet and when it was over she thanked me for letting her go to karate. She is very athletic and loves to be outside. PE was her favorite class. God blessed her with the ability to be genuinely happy for other people. She is typically the first person to congratulate a person on their accomplishments and the first to lend a hand if someone needs something. Two different times in high-school she identified and befriended kids that needed help and we as a family helped take care of them. Parenting her has been a joy and adventure."

Michelle-- Rex's Mom

"Rex would come home everyday and play school in his bedroom and he would try to convince me to move out his bed and put desks in his bedroom because he was going to have his own classroom with his own students and own grade book. He also loved doing hair. He would love watching hair go back and forth with the hairdryer. He was so little he would stand up on the back of the couch and do hair. He still does my hair to this day. He's always had Jesus in his heart and always followed God keeping Him first in everything he does. He respects everyone he comes in contact with and he loves everyone."

I hope you enjoyed getting to know all of our mothers a bit better-- I certainly enjoyed reading all of the stories and tips they provided!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful mothers out there, especially the Pin it Co. mamas!

Vintage Pickin' Weekend

Last weekend was absolutely amazing! Vintage Pickin' is a vintage Barn Sale put on by the incredible blogger and entrepreneur April, @vintagepickin on Instagram! I have known April for a while now and I love supporting her events and shopping all of the amazing things that she gets ready for this awesome weekend! 

This year I was able to collaborate with her and include a few Pin it Co. goodies in the swag bags she curated for the first 100 in line! So me and my girls loaded up early last Friday morning and headed out to Fyffe, Alabama for the day!

April was super sweet and gave me a hat and t-shirt, which I get every year, for free! When I tell you this woman is so genuine and precious, I mean it!

If you love to #doitforthegram, April always has beautiful set-ups that make for great photo-ops! 

Vintage Pickin' always has some of the cutest items and vendors, and luckily this sign informed me that Shane had apparently called and said I could buy whatever I wanted! Who would've thought?!!

Seriously though, check out all of these beautiful vintage goodies!

My favorite find were these vintage batons-- how amazing! My majorette heart was in heaven!

Lindsey's favorite was this daisy topiary she found!

We also had an amazing time meeting so many great people! One of my customers approached us and we even ended up in the Vintage Pickin' video with her!

I also got to meet Ashley from @86andeverettedesignco and she was precious!

Keep an eye out-- we might just be carrying some of her jams in store soon! They are incredible!

Vintage Pickin' and the work April puts in each year never fail to absolutely amaze me! I love this event and I cannot wait to continue to come each year and collaborate with April even more in the future!

Joy Prom 2019

I say this every year, but this year's Joy Prom was absolutely the BEST yet! It was yet again another amazing night getting to see all of the hard work this day takes come to fruition with our participants having the time of their lives!

We put together a fun little video so all of you can get a closer glimpse into what Joy Prom is and just how incredibly awesome it is!

This year was the 6th annual prom and we put together an Alice in Wonderland theme that turned out really incredible!

Special shoutout to the ladies with Vintage Rental Co. for donating the decor for the photo backdrop!

Our awesome volunteers spent the morning getting prepared before participants arrived-- setting up the registration tables, decorating, and of course Maw made sure the King + Queen sashes were fully functioning!

After participants arrive, they can choose to head to hair/makeup or they can play games like bowling, basketball, and whiffle ball in the gym!

Then, it's time for walkout! One of the most special and sweet times for our participants!

Aren't they all so beautiful?! And they sure do love to dance! We all had so much fun on the dance floor! One of my favorite parts each year is getting to dance with the participants and see them having a blast!

Would it even be a prom without a King & Queen? This year's winners were Trenton Spray + Becca Giger!

Every year this day gives me more joy than I can even describe. It is one of the highlights of the year and I am so glad that I get to be a part of putting together something so special for the most amazing people. I already can't wait for Joy Prom 2020!

A special thank you to our awesome sponsors!
Walkout + Photo Backdrop: The Vintage Rental Co. 404-219-6967Food + Food Supplies: SouthwirePettifors: Cheryl's Bake ShopCakes: Peggy Smith, Amanda Willingham, Vanessa Ivey, Doris Sewell, and Susan FordhamCarnations: A Southern Wedding FlowerMeal Cards for Participants: Chick-fil-A CarrolltonKing + Queen Sashes: Lawanna MusickBuns: Scott RobinsonProduce: Mark + Diane ThermanThank you to Hightower Family Funeral HomesRainwater Funeral Home, and Liberty Baptist Church for their money donations as well!And of course, thank you to Bowdon Middle School for allowing us to use their beautiful facilities each year!