2018: A Year in Review

2018 has been such a year of personal and business growth! I would say my word for the year was definitely "realization". I recognized that the first step to change and growth was realizing in what areas my life needed certain improvements and remodeling. I realized that my business was becoming an actual big-girl thing-- growing, providing employment for a number of people, and serving my community in a big way. I realized that to make the changes it needed to grow I needed to re-group and re-prioritize some things. In my personal life, I realized that I feel better and work better when I take time for self-care-- even things as simple as wearing outfits I feel confident in and that express my style. I realized that people actually care about my personal, outside of Pin it Co., life and so I started writing these blogs and doing more fun things outside of work. 

With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the cool things that happened this year! So, here it is: my 2018 year in review!


In January, I started the year off fresh by painting my floors! It was a really fun home project that reminded me how much I love renovating and home projects. I don't get to do a ton of things like this as often anymore since my business has grown, so I enjoy any chance I have to create in my own space!


Girls night is a monthly tradition my friends and I have had for almost two years! In February, we decided to include our fellas! We went to TopGolf and ate all the delicious treats!


In March, we continued Girls Night with a girls trip to Savannah! We spent time eating all the food (clearly this is a trend) and hanging out on River Street!

I also got my license, again! Allow me to explain... I possibly let my license expire for a little bit of time and had to retake the test to get a new one! I passed!!

Pin it Co. also won business of the month in our community! It definitely put a fire under me to keep going and growing.

March was seriously a huge month! My husband and I bought a new truck! We have definitely used it this year going to get shipments and new merchandise.


We pulled off Joy Prom again! I started Joy Prom four years ago for individuals with special needs. This event allows them to have their own prom! There is dancing, a meal, and we even crown a king and queen! It is always one of the highlights of my year, and this year was no different.


The Vintage Pickin' Fair is one of my favorite events of the year! I get to take a nice break from work and enjoy vintage finds and great food! The crepe stands this year were no doubt my favorite.

Another fun thing happened in May! We took a girls trip to the beach! My aunt owns a condo in Navarre Beach, and it made for the prettiest weekend get-away! 


June was a special month for me. I adopted my sweet rescue baby, Coco. The intent was to help her back to full health (you can see she didn't have much hair in this photo due to severe allergies that had been neglected), but I ended up totally attached to her and now she lives at my shop! She brings me immeasurable joy on stressful work days.

I also rebranded my store! The business got a whole new look, complete with a new logo, new uniforms, new displays and so much more! We threw a re-branding party to celebrate!

I started on my home office! It is a work in progress, but this is going to be a huge step in amping up the #bossbabe levels this year!


I helped throw my friend Leah a baby sprinkle! It was a sweet celebration for her new baby!


My mom has always wanted to visit Noah's Ark in Kentucky, and in August my sister and I were able to take her! It was a super fun trip. If you missed my Instagram stories of my mom riding a bike, you missed out.


This was something long overdue! I finally had professional photos made of me and my husband! Shoutout to ENewbern Photography for the beautiful photos! 

We went vintage pickin' again this month! It was another fun time with more fun food!


So this is what happens when you wait last minute to carve pumpkins... you are left with the Piggly Wiggly's pie pumpkins! Oh well, still a fun time!


November is my store's birthday month! We celebrated FIVE years with our Christmas open house and yummy birthday cake!


Since my husband and I are both December babies, we always have a huge joint birthday party! This year we partied 80s style! There were inflatable obstacle courses, sumo wrestling and dancing!

We celebrated my birthday, the 23rd, at Ponce City Market in Atlanta with my family! I have grown to love this fun, little shopping center!

The first step to making huge changes is realizing what areas need changing, and that's what I tackled this year. So 2019, I am ready to make big steps and big life moves. I hope you're ready too.

100 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking stuffers can sometimes be the most difficult gifts to give. It is quite the task to find items that your loved ones will like, that are both fairly inexpensive and small enough to fit in a stocking. 

Today I want to cure your stocking stuffing blues, and so I am giving you 100, yes 100, stocking stuffer ideas! 

Stay tuned until the end, there may even be some links to some of my favorite stockings!

1. CANDY- This is the easiest and most loved thing to give. During Christmas, most big retailers sell candy canes full of popular candy. Pick your person's favorite candy and be their favorite for the rest of the year!
2. A book- Choose a fiction novel or an inspirational read.
3. A CD from their favorite artist.
4. Their favorite movie.
5. Fuzzy Socks (Christmas ones to be festive).
6. Small decor items.
7. Bracelets.
8. A meaningful ornament.
9. Rings.
10. A gift card to their favorite restaurant.
11. Their favorite coffee blend.
12. A hot chocolate mix set.
13. Small lotion.
14. Lipstick.
15. Hand sanitizer.
16. A mini candle.
17. Their favorite mascara.
18. A holiday trail mix.
19. Bath bombs.
20. Small toys (for kids).
21. Cute pens.
22. Fun pencils (for the school age kiddos).
23. Mini notebooks.
24. Holiday scented body wash.
25. An iTunes gift card or a few months subscription to Apple Music/Spotify.
26. Beef jerky (I would personally enjoy this).
27. A car decal.
27. A new phone case.
28. Popsockets.
29. Phone Wallets (these are super helpful. I use mine to keep up with my cards. It sticks on the back of my phone).
30. Key Chain.
31. A Thread Wallet (these are seriously the coolest things. They attach to your keys and hold cards and cash in a super slim fashion. Find them here). 
32. Souvenirs from a recent travel.
33. A cool bookmark.
34. Beanies.
35. Mittens.
36. A Tile (this helps you keep up with your keys/phone).
37. A month subscription to Amazon Prime.
38. Reusable water bottle.
39. A customized mug with their initial.
40. A sweet necklace.
41. Small tool sets (wrench, pliers, etc.)
42. A card tool (combines #41 into a gadget that will fit into your wallet).
43. An LED flashlight (this is a quality dad gift).
44. A gift card to their favorite coffee shop.
45. Chapstick (I am always losing this so it never hurts to get a new one).
46. A makeup bag.
47. A small umbrella.
48. Earrings.
49. A small craft kit (kids will love these, and you can find several at Target or Walmart this time of year).
50. A wrist wallet.
51. A badge holder (for the nurses or teachers in your life).
52. A lanyard.
53. A framed photo of you and them together.
54. Pepper Spray (not a joke, this is great for the women and college kids in your life).
55. Laptop stickers (Redbubble.com has super cool ones).
56. A devotional book.
57. Bible journaling tools (fun pens and highlighters).
58. A pretty notebook (TJMaxx always has beautiful designs).
59. Washi Tape (great for the scrapbooker in your life).
60. New paintbrushes and paint (for the crafter in your life).
61. A set of crayons or markers (kiddos will love this).
62. A few new cans of Play-doh (they dry out so fast that a kid would love to get a fresh can).
63. A set of cards.
64. A card game.
65. Dog water bottle (look these up, super cool for dog owners).
66. A car freshener.
67. Wax melts.
68. An apple watch band.
69. Bible tabs.
70. Nail polish.
71. Face masks.
72. Travel size dry shampoo.
73. Packing cubes.
74. A Passport holder.
75. Their favorite gum.
76. Small stuffed animals.
77. Hair ties (because everyone loses those).
78. Bobby pins (because everyone also loses those).
79. Small travel band-aids.
80. Luggage tag.
81. An ice scraper for their car (no one has time to let their car defrost).
82. Manicure sets (nail file, nail clippers, etc).
83. Matchbox cars (for little boys).
84. Hairbows (for little girls).
85. Travel hot sauce bottles.
86. Travel cosmetic bottles. 
87. New headphones.
88. Paint pens (for the crafter).
89. Their favorite individual coffee creamers.
90. A cleaning cloth for their laptop or phone.
91. A phone screen protector.
92. A pack of bible verse cards (you can find some beautiful ones from The Daily Grace Co.).
93. New expo markers (for the teacher in your life).
94. A small succulent.
95. A cord clip for their desk.
96. A plant growing kit. (I bought some super small ones for sunflowers and daisies from the Target dollar section once).
97. A book light (it attaches to their book pages for easy reading at night).
98. A mini planner.
99. A pack of tissues (sounds like a terrible gift, but actually very handy).
100. A car sauce holder (seriously, these are great. find them on amazon).

Woohoo!! Now you have 100 ideas to fill your family's stockings with! 

BONUS: My favorite stockings!

This Christmas sweater stocking is a cozy addition to your mantle. I love the stitching on this one! Find it at this link: CLICK ME!

Some years I am looking for a more natural Christmas vibe, and these burlap ruffle stockings add to that look perfectly! Find them here: CLICK HERE!

These stockings are such a fun spin on traditional stockings! The mitten shape is so unique and fun! Find them here: CLICK ME!

Outfits of the Week! #OOTW December

You guys always ask questions about what I'm wearing, so today I've decided to start a #OOTW series where I will highlight outfits from my week and tell you the deets!

This week in Georgia has been a chilly and rainy week, but that doesn't mean your outfits can't kill it!

Tuesday's outfit was probably my favorite! I put together a very casual look with some total STEAL of a DEAL items!!

I have been looking for a jacket like this EVERYWHERE, and every store was totally sold out, but low and behold... I found it for a HOT deal at Walmart!! Yes girl, Walmart! I tried to find an online link to this jacket, but I believe it is an in-store only item!

The rest of my outfit:
Sweater: I found this Michael Khors sweater at TJMaxx, but you can find a similar one here!
Beanie: Target
Leggings: Target
Socks: Target
Shoes: L.L. Bean Boots
Necklace: Must Love Tiaras
On Thursday, I wore this fun, boho outfit! I have been in the market for a fedora hat, but wasn't sure if I was ready to commit to the hats I've had my eye on: GG Pip hats! So in the meantime, I've been testing out this Target hat. I love the way it completed this outfit!

Cardigan: American Eagle
Shirt: I purchased my two-tone henley from J.Crew and couldn't find one exactly like it online, but here is similar one!
Pants: Target
Shoes: Madewell
Hat: Target

Saturday my outfit was totally #bossbabe style! I paired a blazer with a more casual outfit to add a fun twist and a professional vibe!

Blazer: I bought this Philosophy blazer at TJMaxx, but you can find a similar look here!
Pants: Target
Sweater: Abercrombie
Wedges: I bought mine at a local retailer, Barnes Store, but you can find these shoes at Nordstrom
Belt: Target
Necklace: Must Love Tiaras

I hope you enjoyed finding out the details of my weekly outfits and seeing how I style the pieces I love! Clothing allows me to become a different version of myself each day, and nothing is more expressive than that!

Momma Lyn's Holiday Wassail Recipe

One of my favorite things about the holidays is my mom's wassail! If you've never heard of such things, wassail is a drink similar to apple cider, but with a few more ingredients.

My mom always makes it and serves it at Pin it Co.'s Christmas open house (the photo pictured is my Maw serving it), and our customers seem to love it as much as I do. Because of that, I thought I'd share the recipe on my blog today!

So here it is, Momma Lyn's Christmas Wassail:

-8 cups apple cider
-11.3-12 oz cab of peach nectar
-1 cup orange juice
-1 cup cranberry apple juice
-2-3 cups sugar, to taste
-4 cinnamon sticks
-whole cranberries (optional)

Combine all ingredients into a large pot or crock pot on high heat. Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to low and let simmer for two hours.

This makes quite a large portion, so you can save this in jugs in your fridge and simply microwave a cup when you are ready to drink it again!

That's all! It's a super simple recipe, but one that is well loved by my family!

I hope you enjoy it this Christmas season, and all through the winter!

Community Over Competition

I think one of the biggest lies you hear as an entrepreneur, and as a woman in general, is that life is a competition. Many assume that nice people finish last, that it's a dog-eat-dog world and that to get ahead and succeed you have to beat out everyone around you. But, I've found that the opposite is true.

As a business owner, one of the biggest encouragements in what I do is having other #girlbosses around me who build me up and speak truth into me. They give me practical tips, sound advice, and a listening ear.

Two of those women are pictured in the photo above. Alison (middle) owns Jules & James Boutique, a successful and women-empowering clothing store. Megan (left) owns Fever Performing Arts, a premier dance studio. Both of these women are hardcore boss babes who motivate, inspire and encourage me in this crazy fun journey. They are both local to my hometown, but they are not my competitors.

Yes, despite what the expectation would say, these women are not my competition. They are my community. They are my friends, sisters, and fellow entrepreneurs, and they seriously rock.

I will always choose community over competition. I believe in working together to empower the women in our small region of Georgia, and across the world.

Right now, we are currently hosting a HUGE giveaway together on all of our Instagrams! Head to @pin.it.co @julesandjamesboutique or @feverperformingarts to find out all the rules and deets, but you have the chance to win a $150 Visa gift card, $50 J&J cash, a $50 Pin it Co. gift card, and a free month of classes at Fever Performing Arts!

The giveaway closes on 12/12 at 11:59 EST and we will announce the winner in our Instagram stories on 12/13!!

Don't miss out on such an easy opportunity to win these incredible prizes! 

And don't forget boss babes: they're your community, not your competition. And if your community is anything like mine, they are seriously awesome.

Christmas Bow Tutorial!

You've been begging, and it is finally here! Today I am going to show you how to create the perfect tree topper bow! 

This tutorial will include a step-by-step process to follow, as well as a filmed video to show you how the magic happens!

Here's the supplies you'll need to get started:
-One 10 yard spool of wired-edge ribbon
-Floral wire or twine
-A Christmas tree, if desired
-And about five minutes to spare!

First, I started by opening my spool of ribbon. Then, I used the ribbon to measure my tree from top to bottom to determine how long my first runner would be.

After I allotted enough ribbon for my first runner, I made my first bunny-ear loop-- just like you would while tying your should. This loop should be approximately 10 inches, but it can be large depending on your desired finish.

Continue making a bunny-ear loop on the opposite side, twisting the ribbon in the center to ensure that your ribbon pattern stays on the outside. Repeat this step side-to-side, gradually making your loops smaller, all while twisting in the center before creating a loop on the opposite side. 

Continue until the remaining ribbon matches the length of the first runner you created. 

While still holding the bow in the center, wrap twine or floral wire through the center, replacing where your hand once was. Tie this twine or wire tightly to ensure that your completed bow stays in place and won't loosen!

Now, for the fun part! It's time to fluff your bow! Personally, I like to pull my loops in different directions, creating a fuller and larger bow! Use the wired-edges to your advantage. Bend the loops and round them out to achieve your desired look!

Once you're satisfied with the final product, tie your bow to the top of your Christmas tree and tuck the runners at different places within your tree branches.

And that's it!

Stand back, pour yourself a hot cup of cocoa, turn on Elf, and enjoy your brand new, luxe tree topper that literally took you five minutes!

Find a video tutorial here:

Don't forget, if you would like the buffalo check ribbon used in this tutorial, it will be available at Pin it Co. online next week!

Velvet Isn't Just for the Littles Anymore

One of my favorite things to do with my hair is put it in a fun ponytail or bun, but lately I've been loving the half-up/half-down look as well!

Fun accessories are another one of my favorite things as well, and so when I saw this sweet black velvet ribbon at Hobby Lobby, I knew a match was made in heaven!

Velvet is so in for this holiday season, and this sweet ribbon is a simple way to incorporate the trendy fabric into your holiday outfits if you aren't wanting to go all out with it!

I plan on tying this ribbon in my hair for Christmas dinners and pairing it with deep red and emerald tops! This past weekend, I incorporated it into this fun, overall outfit.

If you've been nervous to try overalls because you think they give off slight Paul Bunyan vibes (🤣), adding an accessory like this velvet ribbon helps to transform it into a more girly outfit. 

I can't wait to use this simple, but sweet accessory this Christmas season with all of my ponys, buns and other hair styles! 

Shop the ribbon I'm wearing here: https://www.hobbylobby.com/Fabric-Sewing/Ribbons-Trim/Trims/Black-3-8%22-Velvet-Ribbon/p/49286

Checkout some of these great Pinterest inspiration photos on how to style velvet ribbons:

Credit: Damsel in Dior

Credit: shutupilovethatshirtonyou.com

Glad to See Ya!

Hey, hey girl! I'm Ally!

Before we really dive into the core of this blog, I wanted to give you a little glimpse of the crazy that I call my life! It is fun, busy, sometimes unexpected, but truly such a blessing!

I own a small business in the rural town of Bowdon, GA. This little town is my heart beat. I went to school here, met my husband here, and even got married in the center of town. Serving the community and its residents brings me immeasurable joy, as I get to give back to the little town that has given me so much.

Speaking of that small business... Pin it Co. is such a huge part of my life. I am extremely hands-on with running and operating it, basically doing all the things to help it grow and be as successful as possible! I opened the brick and mortar store in November 2013, after I learned while my husband was deployed in the army that I loved re-doing old furniture pieces. Since then it has expanded into a popular shopping destination from locals to the West Georgia area, and even people from as far as Canada have come to visit! While I no longer spend as much of my time re-vamping older pieces, I still love antique finds and vintage goodies. 

We have also grown a large online audience, doing daily live video sales in our Facebook group, with over 40,000 members. We offer an app and a website, all meeting together to offer a unique online shopping community! Pin it has been so blessed, and I am so excited to continue to watch it flourish.

See that handsome, rugged man in the photo above? That's my husband Shane! We met at 16 and married at 19, and it has been my favorite adventure. I admire his hard-working spirit, love for the outdoors, and ability to laugh through life with me. He is without a doubt my forever best friend.


We live on an old farmhouse, that we are still slowly working to remodel and transform into the home of our dreams! We share that home with two goats and four dogs. My heart is huge for animals, and so at my business lives a silly pit, Coco! She is a rescue and helps make the long, hard days as an entrepreneur a little more light-hearted! 

Owning a business keeps me very occupied, and a lot of times it is filled with long days and even longer nights, but the reward of getting to serve people well and provide them with something to enjoy has been well worth it. 

I want this blog to be a place where I can take some time to just talk about and share things I enjoy! While some of what I do with Pin it Co. will certainly be a part of it, I want to share clothing I love, books I'm reading, podcasts that are challenging me, and life experiences that bring me joy!

So welcome to my world! Consider this your official invitation into my life, I can't wait to share it with you!