Christmas Bow Tutorial!

You've been begging, and it is finally here! Today I am going to show you how to create the perfect tree topper bow! 

This tutorial will include a step-by-step process to follow, as well as a filmed video to show you how the magic happens!

Here's the supplies you'll need to get started:
-One 10 yard spool of wired-edge ribbon
-Floral wire or twine
-A Christmas tree, if desired
-And about five minutes to spare!

First, I started by opening my spool of ribbon. Then, I used the ribbon to measure my tree from top to bottom to determine how long my first runner would be.

After I allotted enough ribbon for my first runner, I made my first bunny-ear loop-- just like you would while tying your should. This loop should be approximately 10 inches, but it can be large depending on your desired finish.

Continue making a bunny-ear loop on the opposite side, twisting the ribbon in the center to ensure that your ribbon pattern stays on the outside. Repeat this step side-to-side, gradually making your loops smaller, all while twisting in the center before creating a loop on the opposite side. 

Continue until the remaining ribbon matches the length of the first runner you created. 

While still holding the bow in the center, wrap twine or floral wire through the center, replacing where your hand once was. Tie this twine or wire tightly to ensure that your completed bow stays in place and won't loosen!

Now, for the fun part! It's time to fluff your bow! Personally, I like to pull my loops in different directions, creating a fuller and larger bow! Use the wired-edges to your advantage. Bend the loops and round them out to achieve your desired look!

Once you're satisfied with the final product, tie your bow to the top of your Christmas tree and tuck the runners at different places within your tree branches.

And that's it!

Stand back, pour yourself a hot cup of cocoa, turn on Elf, and enjoy your brand new, luxe tree topper that literally took you five minutes!

Find a video tutorial here:

Don't forget, if you would like the buffalo check ribbon used in this tutorial, it will be available at Pin it Co. online next week!

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  1. Thanks Ally I’ve been looking for a way to make gorgeous bows! Also hoping this will work on regular bows also especially for some Valentine’s Day sucker buckets! Thank you!