100 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking stuffers can sometimes be the most difficult gifts to give. It is quite the task to find items that your loved ones will like, that are both fairly inexpensive and small enough to fit in a stocking. 

Today I want to cure your stocking stuffing blues, and so I am giving you 100, yes 100, stocking stuffer ideas! 

Stay tuned until the end, there may even be some links to some of my favorite stockings!

1. CANDY- This is the easiest and most loved thing to give. During Christmas, most big retailers sell candy canes full of popular candy. Pick your person's favorite candy and be their favorite for the rest of the year!
2. A book- Choose a fiction novel or an inspirational read.
3. A CD from their favorite artist.
4. Their favorite movie.
5. Fuzzy Socks (Christmas ones to be festive).
6. Small decor items.
7. Bracelets.
8. A meaningful ornament.
9. Rings.
10. A gift card to their favorite restaurant.
11. Their favorite coffee blend.
12. A hot chocolate mix set.
13. Small lotion.
14. Lipstick.
15. Hand sanitizer.
16. A mini candle.
17. Their favorite mascara.
18. A holiday trail mix.
19. Bath bombs.
20. Small toys (for kids).
21. Cute pens.
22. Fun pencils (for the school age kiddos).
23. Mini notebooks.
24. Holiday scented body wash.
25. An iTunes gift card or a few months subscription to Apple Music/Spotify.
26. Beef jerky (I would personally enjoy this).
27. A car decal.
27. A new phone case.
28. Popsockets.
29. Phone Wallets (these are super helpful. I use mine to keep up with my cards. It sticks on the back of my phone).
30. Key Chain.
31. A Thread Wallet (these are seriously the coolest things. They attach to your keys and hold cards and cash in a super slim fashion. Find them here). 
32. Souvenirs from a recent travel.
33. A cool bookmark.
34. Beanies.
35. Mittens.
36. A Tile (this helps you keep up with your keys/phone).
37. A month subscription to Amazon Prime.
38. Reusable water bottle.
39. A customized mug with their initial.
40. A sweet necklace.
41. Small tool sets (wrench, pliers, etc.)
42. A card tool (combines #41 into a gadget that will fit into your wallet).
43. An LED flashlight (this is a quality dad gift).
44. A gift card to their favorite coffee shop.
45. Chapstick (I am always losing this so it never hurts to get a new one).
46. A makeup bag.
47. A small umbrella.
48. Earrings.
49. A small craft kit (kids will love these, and you can find several at Target or Walmart this time of year).
50. A wrist wallet.
51. A badge holder (for the nurses or teachers in your life).
52. A lanyard.
53. A framed photo of you and them together.
54. Pepper Spray (not a joke, this is great for the women and college kids in your life).
55. Laptop stickers (Redbubble.com has super cool ones).
56. A devotional book.
57. Bible journaling tools (fun pens and highlighters).
58. A pretty notebook (TJMaxx always has beautiful designs).
59. Washi Tape (great for the scrapbooker in your life).
60. New paintbrushes and paint (for the crafter in your life).
61. A set of crayons or markers (kiddos will love this).
62. A few new cans of Play-doh (they dry out so fast that a kid would love to get a fresh can).
63. A set of cards.
64. A card game.
65. Dog water bottle (look these up, super cool for dog owners).
66. A car freshener.
67. Wax melts.
68. An apple watch band.
69. Bible tabs.
70. Nail polish.
71. Face masks.
72. Travel size dry shampoo.
73. Packing cubes.
74. A Passport holder.
75. Their favorite gum.
76. Small stuffed animals.
77. Hair ties (because everyone loses those).
78. Bobby pins (because everyone also loses those).
79. Small travel band-aids.
80. Luggage tag.
81. An ice scraper for their car (no one has time to let their car defrost).
82. Manicure sets (nail file, nail clippers, etc).
83. Matchbox cars (for little boys).
84. Hairbows (for little girls).
85. Travel hot sauce bottles.
86. Travel cosmetic bottles. 
87. New headphones.
88. Paint pens (for the crafter).
89. Their favorite individual coffee creamers.
90. A cleaning cloth for their laptop or phone.
91. A phone screen protector.
92. A pack of bible verse cards (you can find some beautiful ones from The Daily Grace Co.).
93. New expo markers (for the teacher in your life).
94. A small succulent.
95. A cord clip for their desk.
96. A plant growing kit. (I bought some super small ones for sunflowers and daisies from the Target dollar section once).
97. A book light (it attaches to their book pages for easy reading at night).
98. A mini planner.
99. A pack of tissues (sounds like a terrible gift, but actually very handy).
100. A car sauce holder (seriously, these are great. find them on amazon).

Woohoo!! Now you have 100 ideas to fill your family's stockings with! 

BONUS: My favorite stockings!

This Christmas sweater stocking is a cozy addition to your mantle. I love the stitching on this one! Find it at this link: CLICK ME!

Some years I am looking for a more natural Christmas vibe, and these burlap ruffle stockings add to that look perfectly! Find them here: CLICK HERE!

These stockings are such a fun spin on traditional stockings! The mitten shape is so unique and fun! Find them here: CLICK ME!

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  1. Thanks so much for the stocking stuffer ideas! This is GOLD to me since I struggle so much in this area! * Merry Christmas *