My Go-To Eats: What I Order At My Favorite Restaurants!

This blog is a little different, but with the opening of our new cafe, I wanted to bring you guys my go-to orders at all of my favorite restaurants! For all of you who want to try a place you've never been, or just can never decide what to order, this might help you out! All of this food is quite yummy, and we know ya girl loves to eat!

Pin it Co. Cafe:
Of course I had to include our new cafe! I always get the half + half: Hometown Turkey with Tomato Basil soup! So delish!

Hibachi Steak with fried rice and always, always with cheesecake ragoons at the end!

Bowdon Coffee Roasters:
The Jittery Bobby (Iced Coffee with two pumps of agave, almond milk and cold brew) and a blueberry scone.
Yall, seriously-- try this. Or just BCR in general, it's bomb.

Las Palomas:
Fo sho' cheese dip. A steak quesadilla with rice and beans, and queso inside. Clearly I love the queso.

Corner Cafe:
The Pita Frampton with no jalapeƱos and vegetable soup on the side. And definitely the spin dip with bagel chips. The best.

#1 with a Lemonade. Mayo for my sandwich and ketchup for my fries. Call me basic, it's fine. Also, gotta have an Ice Dream if it's hot outside.

6 inch on wheat bread with turkey, American cheese, spinach, salt + pepper, and mayo. And Baked Lays chips.

#1 plain with cheese and a Sprite. Ketchup for my fries of course. I'm getting a trend that I'm pretty basic when it comes to my fast food orders!

Dairy Queen:
A large fry and a cookie dough blizzard with extra cookie dough! If you don't dip fries in your ice cream, girl, what is you doing?

Waffle House: 
All-Star Special-- eggs scrambled with cheese, hash browns instead of grits, regular toast, bacon instead of sausage, regular waffle. OJ to drink.

Highland Deli:
Mary Queen of Scotts or Salad Sampler. I always get pasta salad on the side if I get the Mary Queen of Scotts. Highland is really one of my all time favorite places.

If you try any of these orders and love them-- definitely let me know! And make sure to follow @pinitcocafe on Instagram for yummy content and updates on our brand new cafe!