Glad to See Ya!

Hey, hey girl! I'm Ally!

Before we really dive into the core of this blog, I wanted to give you a little glimpse of the crazy that I call my life! It is fun, busy, sometimes unexpected, but truly such a blessing!

I own a small business in the rural town of Bowdon, GA. This little town is my heart beat. I went to school here, met my husband here, and even got married in the center of town. Serving the community and its residents brings me immeasurable joy, as I get to give back to the little town that has given me so much.

Speaking of that small business... Pin it Co. is such a huge part of my life. I am extremely hands-on with running and operating it, basically doing all the things to help it grow and be as successful as possible! I opened the brick and mortar store in November 2013, after I learned while my husband was deployed in the army that I loved re-doing old furniture pieces. Since then it has expanded into a popular shopping destination from locals to the West Georgia area, and even people from as far as Canada have come to visit! While I no longer spend as much of my time re-vamping older pieces, I still love antique finds and vintage goodies. 

We have also grown a large online audience, doing daily live video sales in our Facebook group, with over 40,000 members. We offer an app and a website, all meeting together to offer a unique online shopping community! Pin it has been so blessed, and I am so excited to continue to watch it flourish.

See that handsome, rugged man in the photo above? That's my husband Shane! We met at 16 and married at 19, and it has been my favorite adventure. I admire his hard-working spirit, love for the outdoors, and ability to laugh through life with me. He is without a doubt my forever best friend.


We live on an old farmhouse, that we are still slowly working to remodel and transform into the home of our dreams! We share that home with two goats and four dogs. My heart is huge for animals, and so at my business lives a silly pit, Coco! She is a rescue and helps make the long, hard days as an entrepreneur a little more light-hearted! 

Owning a business keeps me very occupied, and a lot of times it is filled with long days and even longer nights, but the reward of getting to serve people well and provide them with something to enjoy has been well worth it. 

I want this blog to be a place where I can take some time to just talk about and share things I enjoy! While some of what I do with Pin it Co. will certainly be a part of it, I want to share clothing I love, books I'm reading, podcasts that are challenging me, and life experiences that bring me joy!

So welcome to my world! Consider this your official invitation into my life, I can't wait to share it with you!

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  1. I love all this. Love you Ally and Shane. Great pics great story