My Signature Messy Bun Tutorial

9 times out of 10, I wear my hair in a messy bun! I've never considered it an actual style statement, but more so a way to just get my hair out of the way and not have to wash it again (I'm sure you all know that dry shampoo is a lifestyle). However, over the past year or so people have come to love the way I wear my hair, and are constantly requesting a tutorial! 

It was so hard at first for me to think of how to do this, because when I do it, I honestly don't think about it at all! But since this hair style has become a defining characteristic of who I am, I am here to provide what you've all requested! I hope you enjoy this quick tutorial, and if you re-create this hair style, make sure to send me pictures!

There is also a video tutorial at the end of this post for easy viewing!

I always start this style with 3 day old hair at minimum, aka my hair hasn't been washed in 3 days. On day 1, after I've washed and dried my hair, I typically curl it with a Hot Tools wand. I wear it down for the first two days, and then it's time for the messy top knot! I also find that this style works best when my hair has some curl in it already. 

First, I brush through my hair with a wet-dry brush and add dry shampoo around my head and at my roots for volume and to de-grease! I love the Batiste dry shampoo, it is definitely my saving grace on many days. 

The key to making sure your hair is super fresh and ready for the bun, actually comes by utilizing a hair dryer on your already dry hair. It sounds odd I know, but it makes a huge difference. 

After letting the dry shampoo sit for a few minutes, use a brush and hair dryer to brush through your hair and allow the dry shampoo to mesh throughout your hair and maximize your hair's maximum freshness potential!

Now, it's time to actually form the bun! I start by flipping my head over so all of my hair is in front of my face. I then gather all of it on top of my head about 4 inches back from my hairline. I don't use a brush for this step, I just use my fingers to smooth out and collect the hair, so it isn't a total mess but also isn't totally slicked back. 

Then, while holding the hair in front of my face with my left hand, I use my right hand to make a fold halfway in the ponytail, creating a bun shape when I lift my head up again. 

Now I use an elastic ponytail holder to tie off the bun. I prefer the thin elastics; however, in this video mine broke and I had to improvise with a regular size one! It still worked out! I wrap it around about three times, and then tuck the remaining hair sticking out around the bun. 

Then comes the most important step of the messy bun-- making it messy and textured! I pull my fingers from the base of the bun down my scalp to pull out loose hairs and loosen the style!

To make sure the bun stays in place, I use a few bobby pins. I use the large ones, and make an almost S-like motion to secure them in place in the bun. I also push the bun down and forward when I bobby pin it in place at the base (near the elastic), giving a more volume once again!

And that's it! You have now created the Ally Turpen infamous top knot!

Find a video tutorial here:

The products and supplies I used: 

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Hot Tools Curling Wand

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  1. Thanks so much for posting your hair tutorial! And I am still enjoying my grey ruffled edge bedspread. Will stop at your store next trip up to GA from Destin!