Velvet Isn't Just for the Littles Anymore

One of my favorite things to do with my hair is put it in a fun ponytail or bun, but lately I've been loving the half-up/half-down look as well!

Fun accessories are another one of my favorite things as well, and so when I saw this sweet black velvet ribbon at Hobby Lobby, I knew a match was made in heaven!

Velvet is so in for this holiday season, and this sweet ribbon is a simple way to incorporate the trendy fabric into your holiday outfits if you aren't wanting to go all out with it!

I plan on tying this ribbon in my hair for Christmas dinners and pairing it with deep red and emerald tops! This past weekend, I incorporated it into this fun, overall outfit.

If you've been nervous to try overalls because you think they give off slight Paul Bunyan vibes (🤣), adding an accessory like this velvet ribbon helps to transform it into a more girly outfit. 

I can't wait to use this simple, but sweet accessory this Christmas season with all of my ponys, buns and other hair styles! 

Shop the ribbon I'm wearing here:

Checkout some of these great Pinterest inspiration photos on how to style velvet ribbons:

Credit: Damsel in Dior


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