Styling a Modern Farmhouse with the Wylie Team

I am so excited to finally be sharing this with all of you!! I have been working on this project with my team for over a month and it finally came to life last week! I collaborated with The Wylie Team Realty to stage an entire home that is for sale (*Edit: is now under contract) in the Historic District of small town Carrollton, GA. 220 Austin Avenue is now a home style dream! 

Before I reveal to you all of the beautiful photos of this interior dream home, take a look at the video below for some information on the home as well as a little tour!

As you heard in the video, we decided to stage this home so you can see our Pin it Co. items off the shelf and in action, to give you an idea of how they might look in your own home as well as how you can stage them yourself!

If you are interested in any of these items, you can shop on our website here!

Naturally, let's get started with some before and after photos!

One of the things I loved the most about this home was the open and modern kitchen and dining area!

For the style in this home, I chose a modern farmhouse look which really soared in the dining area in particular! The large print photo, courtesy of ENewbern Photography, made a beautiful focal piece above the dining table!

One of my favorite styling techniques in a farmhouse look is to combine various chairs around the table! It creates a look that has character and a lived-in feel!

The centerpiece of the table definitely tied in the farmhouse look!

Heading over to the main kitchen area, the modern farmhouse style really came to life! The modern backsplash and white cabinetry combined beautifully with farmhouse elements like the scale and vintage croc!

Storing your dry foods is both practical and accessible and I loved staging cookies and pasta noodles in these clear canisters!

The sink area was likely my favorite area of the kitchen! It's for sure a home style misconception that your sink has to be the most boring area of the kitchen! I staged this area with some essentials like soap, a soap dish and a candle, but also incorporated some greenery and other decor pieces!

Moving on to the living room area, I loved how home-y and cozy this space became! I think this is the area of the home that saw the largest transformation! When you tour an open home it can be difficult to picture such a large and open space like the living room with your furniture and decor. It can be tricky to start anew and make decisions about where to position things in a way that both makes the most of your space and has a high design feel. I think this style accomplished both!

On top of the mantel, I styled some large prints in combination with a few other items like this willow jar, old books, and candlesticks! Using large prints or other large focal pieces prevents you from having to style several smaller items.

With the two end tables in the room, one of my top tips is to balance busy with minimal. On one table, I styled a simple pedestal and vase with olive branches and boho beads.

On the second end table, I went for a more full look! I started with a willow tray as the base and layered multiple decor elements!

Shelving in bookcases is one of my favorite things to style because you can incorporate a variety of elements and practice layering techniques! It is important to remember to stagger heights and kinds of elements to achieve a high design look.

The coffee table in the center of the room was the perfect height for practical and decor use, and I loved the possibility for storage created with the crates underneath the table!

Dusty Miller Garland (in large mouth vessel)

Of course, staggering couch pillows is one of my favorite things to do concerning home style! I loved these grey and neutral pillows and the way they toned down the room!

Finally, let's end with some of the smaller nooks in the home!

Beside the front door of the home we placed this simple little "Life is so good" sign that added a sweet and welcoming little touch!

By the back door, we set up this sweet little exit nook! 

Right around the corner we set up this lovely chicken wire bookshelf!

Next to the kitchen, we added a buffet with a beautiful arched shutter!

Special thanks to The Wylie Team for the opportunity to collaborate on this project and to The Furniture House for providing the gorgeous sectional, chairs, coffee and end tables! I had so much fun creating in this beautiful space and I look forward to collaborating on more projects like this in the future!

Of course, thank you to ENewbern Photography for the stunning photos and Matt Seagle with Seagle Films for the amazing video!

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