A Marie Kondo Approved Wardrobe

My lifestyle has been totally minimalist lately (thanks Marie Kondo), and that has definitely included my clothing! I try to keep a number of basic pieces that I can make into a variety of outfits! 

Today I've put together 7 different outfits with just a couple of basic items, which is called a capsule wardrobe! My favorite black jeans from Madewell were the focus and it was crazy just how many outfits I could get from one pair of jeans! I have loved keeping my closet this way and if this inspires you to minimize your own closet, be sure to let me know!

Outfit Details are below:

The hair scarves I wore in these outfits are currently sold out, but you can find similar ones here!

Black Jeans

Chambray Shirt

Green Tee

Striped Tee

Denim Jacket

Utility Jacket




I also included photos of some of my favorite outfits!

This kind of look is my go-to when I want to be cozy, but also need to have a more put together outfit on for filming, photos, etc.! The cardigan really serves as more of a blanket!

I love layering-- and pairing this button down chambray top with my favorite utility jacket from Madewell is one of my favorite combos!

Of course, every woman needs a denim jacket to pair with her knee ripped jeans on the days she's feeling edgy!

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