Answering Your Questions!

Today's blog was actually a request from our Pin it Co. customers! So many of you wanted me to do a Q + A video!

So, as requested, I'm answering all of the questions you submitted on my Instagram (follow me @allyturpen if you haven't already)!

Q: Will you be selling bedding online?
A: Yes! Right now we sell throws and pillows online, but we do have plans to sell some of our bigger bedding sets online so keep your eyes out for that.

Q: Do you do all the buying?
A: Yes, I do take girls with me occasionally to go and buy at Market because I don't like to go alone, but I do get more done when I go alone! I love to be the one to pick it out since I'm the one selling it to you (on our live videos)!

Q: What is your favorite item you have ever sold at Pin it?
A: That's a hard one! In my original store we handmade everything, so honestly I would say some of my favorite things were from the very beginning-- just getting to watch something that took so long come to completion. Those sales really meant a lot to me.

Q: Can we have a live tour of your home?
A: Thank you for asking that! We are actually planning on the second week of April to start letting you guys into my house through the blog! It's going to be how-to tutorials and those kinds of things! I'm planning to do a project a week in my home for you guys. So make sure you're checking the blog!

Q: How did you get the courage to open Pin it Co.? Did you take out a loan? Were you afraid that you would not succeed?
A: So we were really just driving through town and there was an open building and we just jumped. I think I'm missing that sensor in my brain that says "Hey, you should be scared right now"! I don't get afraid of challenges most of the time, I just embrace them. I never believed I wasn't going to succeed-- it's not been an option for me. If I try something new, and fail I feel like it's not a loss, I've learned. 
I did not take out a loan. We didn't really have a lot of capital going in; we had palettes and hand-made everything. There is definitely peace of mind knowing I own everything here and don't owe anything for it.

Q: What got you interested in Pin it and how did you get started?
A: So I got interested because Shane deployed and while he was deployed, I moved home. And during that time I really needed a hobby and my mom and dad were really accommodating. So I redid every room in their house. I laid all their flooring, painted cabinets, tile work, you name it. Then when Shane came back, we were driving through town and there was an empty building. So that really segued perfectly.
My little cousin actually named it Pin it-- I was totally against it at first! I did not want it to be called Pin it. I was going to call it Sisters. My grandpa had always called every girl in our family "Sister" and so I really wanted to name the store that.

Q: How many animals do you have? Do they sleep in your bed with you?
A: So I have Coco, and she is our shop dog so she stays there all the time. At the house, we have Hattie, a little tiny Yorkie mix. She sleeps nestled everywhere. And then I have Rosie, a Great Pyrenees, who sleeps upside down in her own bed. And then we have Brock, my original baby that I found on the side of the road my senior year of high school and he quickly became my child. Then we have Charlotte, and she is a German Short-Haired Pointer-- and she is WILD. Both of them sleep in their own beds. And we also have two goats, the baby Kenny and Kevin, his older brother. So lots of animals for sure!

Q: What is a cute way to stage a round dinner table?
A: So I'm really into a minimal look right now-- so one option I would give you is some vintage found or bought glass jugs with clippings you find. You could also go for Easter and fill a dough bowl or a glass with Easter eggs. Candlesticks are also a go-to!
Another thing you can do, is post it on our Facebook community, Pin it Decor Deals, where our customers help each other with styling!

Q: What accomplishment are you most proud of since starting Pin it Co.?
A: There's a few. I would definitely start with Joy Prom. It is so close to my heart and sometimes I get teary-eyed thinking about it.
Then I would say of doing it myself. That is something that I kind of have to remind myself everyday that "You're doing it-- and it's on your terms and you're a strong woman".
And I'm also proud of the team I've put together. They're really awesome.

Q: Are y'all hiring?
A: We are always taking applications! And when our Cafe opens near the end of April we will definitely need some help in that area!

Q: How did you and Shane meet?
A: So we were 16 years old. My mom is a post-master in Buchanan and a co-worker wanted to set me up with her nephew and so my mom told her to bring a photo of him the next day. Well, Shane's mom overheard and brought a photo of him to my mom the next day as well! So my mom came home and was like "Here you go Ally, here's two guys that are interested in meeting you". And I was thinking "What the heck are you doing at work??" When I saw Shane's picture I looked at my mom and was like "Who is this grown man? He has to be like 35 or something" And my mom said "No he's your age". Which he is literally only 11 days older than me, but looked like a grown man! But as soon as I got that out of my mouth he texted me, so apparently my mom was giving out my number at work too, and the rest is sort of history.

Q: How long has Pin it Co. been open?
A: So we're in our 6th year currently, it will actually be 6 years in November!

I hope you all learned something, and it was really fun answering all of your questions!


  1. Wow, I have just learned so much about you reading this!! I absolutely love your store and love the personality that pours from it!! I am also a fellow Postal worker like your mother, supervisor and OIC, that's awesome when I read your mother is a Post Master. Feels like I have something in common with you guys. I am out of state but plan to visit your store one day soon!! Congratulations on all your accomplishments, what you have done here is absolutely amazing!!

    1. I am so glad you learned something from my Q & A! We love Postal Workers here in the Turpen family!
      But yes, we would love love love to have you come visit our store! Hope to see you soon!

  2. I just adore your personality and products! Love seeing how you style your items, you give great inspiration.