The Perfect Pillow Arrangement

Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest and seen the beautifully styled couch pillow arrangements and wondered how on earth those are possible? Sometimes it can be overwhelming to try to figure out where to start when it comes to mixing shapes, sizes, patterns and colors to create that perfectly arranged couch. Today I want to share with you a few tips on how to do that by showing you a couch I styled with a variety of decorative pillows! I'll also show you how I styled the table behind it as well!

First, I started with a throw blanket on the right side. I picked this brown and cream striped one with tassels that would compliment the color scheme I had planned out. The key here is to messily drape the blanket over the side. I didn't want it to look to prepped and proper.

For the pillow arrangement, I picked out two large, neutral pillows to go on both sides of the couch. This is the only symmetry I wanted to create in this look. I went with these large and in charge suede, taupe pillows and placed one on each side of the couch. My two biggest tips for styling pillows are to never set things super straight. I caddied these in the corner. And second, use the karate chop method. I always "karate chop" my square pillows in the center to give them the bend in the middle that makes them look as though they have been used and laid on. This helps give your home a "home-y" look! 

I worked on the pillows one side at a time after this. Starting with the left side, I picked two similar sized square pillows to layer. I chose one blue patterned one and one cream pillow with blue words to tie in the colors. Then, I wanted to add a shape variant, so I chose a tan lumbar pillow with cream fringe and texture. When selecting your pillows, you want to choose ones that have complimentary colors and make sure you tie in the colors in at least two of the pillows to keep it from looking random. When styling, you want to focus on making sure everything keeps a relaxed look--besides, this is one of the most relaxing pieces in your home!

Next, the right side of the couch becomes the response to the left. You want to choose and place your pillows in a way that corresponds with the opposite side, but isn't identical. You also do not want the same number of pillows on both sides.

I decided to go with a round pillow to add a contrasting shape and I think it was the piece that completed the whole look. I also chose another lumbar pillow, this time a blue one to again tie in the blues in the other pillows. The word "HELLO" on this pillow also helped draw attention to that side of the couch.

To style the table behind the couch, I used a variety of items. I used a lamp, a piece of artwork, a plant, and my personal favorite-- these memo stands. I attached a letter and card sign, but you could also use photos here!

You can find the memo stands here:

I hope this inspired you to put together pillows that you love to create a beautifully styled couch! Pillows are one of my favorite aspects of home decor because they allow you to play around with mixing colors, shapes and patterns that you love! It is so rewarding to finally finish with a style that you love!

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