Bye-Bye 139

Yesterday, my business held the grand opening of it's new location! It was such a great night with a crazy huge crowd!

But with a new location comes saying goodbye to the old one, and so this week was also spent looking back on memory lane at our time at 139 City Hall Avenue. We've said "bye-bye to 139" as our store front, but luckily we are keeping this location as our warehouse! I am so thankful for that because this building has become so sentimental to me as it holds so many memories and the fruition of so many of my dreams. 

So I hope you'll come along with me as we look back on Pin it Co.'s time here!

Pin it Co., formerly Pin it Gifts & Events, has seen three different store fronts up to this point. The new location will be our 4th. 139 was my 3rd location, and I moved the business here in July of 2016. 

Consequently, Pin it has celebrated 3 of its 5 birthdays at 139! We have cake and treats to celebrate each year on Bowdon by Candlelight, the small town event I opened my business on back in 2013.

And going along with that, Pin it has hosted 3 Bowdon by Candlelight events in 139!

I have done 150 Tuesday/Thursday live sales in 139, and 400+ live videos in total when you account for mini sales and $10 deals. That literally blows my mind! We started these here in September of 2017.

139 has celebrated Bowdon's birthday 3 times at our annual Founder's Day event and sale!

Pin it has also seen one rebranding and rebranding event at 139! We changed over from Pin it Gifts & Events to Pin it Co.-- complete with a new logo, new graphics and new store displays!

139 is the location where my business grew beyond my wildest dreams. It is the place where I hired some awesome girls to come along side me and hustle for our goals. It is the space where ideas have been born, shaped and come to life. And most importantly, it is the 7,000 foot space that showed me that my dreams can become reality. 

So bye-bye 139 (as Pin it Co.'s store-front) and hello 140 City Hall Avenue! We may not be going far, but I am expectant for this little dream of mine to!

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