My Mom Recounts My Birth for My 28th Birthday!

Back in December, on my 28th birthday, I thought it would be fun to interview my mom about my birth, and it was such a fun and funny conversation that I decided you might want to hear it too! 

I hope you enjoy her stories and memories as much as I did!

Me: What was your pregnancy with me like? Did you know I was a girl?

Mom: I was practically certain that you were a boy right up until the point I went and had the sonogram because my pregnancy with you was completely opposite from your sister. Everybody that looked at me would say "Ohh that's a boy, that's a boy, that's a boy".

Me: That's why I act more like a boy than a girl.

Mom: But then at the sonogram you were definitely a girl, and they also told me that they were going to have to take you early because you were getting so big. They thought that you were already close to 10 or 11 pounds by the measurements and I'm only 5 foot tall. But I was just big around, and you ended up being 8 pounds and 12 ounces and 22 inches long. I assumed you would be 6 foot tall, but you're not.

Me: Well, I didn't quite hit that expectation.
So what about my actual birth? 

Mom: Well the night before you were born, we went to look at some lights. They had already told me they were going to take you on December 27th, before your due date on January 3rd, because I was already so big with you. So on the 22nd we went to look at some Christmas lights at Callaway, and before we got home I knew something was up-- I was swelled up like a bull-frog. I went in to labor around 5:30 that morning, and had to wake your dad up because I wouldn't let anyone sleep with me that night. I was just so big.

Me: Good grief, that's miserable.

Mom: Well you carry a baby that's 8 pounds and 12 ounces when you're only 5 foot, you're carrying a load!

Mom: So on the drive there every five minutes I would tell your dad to slow down, and then I'd have a contraction and I'd tell him to hurry up. Which, we had to go all the way to Parkway in Austell. 

Me: That hospital isn't even there anymore; they bulldozed it.

Mom: That's right. Well, we got to the hospital and my sister met me there, and they wheeled me in. It was about 6 a.m. then and they said I was in full labor. I was a little upset because it was December 23rd and it was right there a Christmas, but they did a C-section and I had you at 10 a.m. on the dot. When you finally cried, you had the deepest voice I'd ever heard on a baby. I was like "I have to try to sit up and see this baby". 

Well, they brought your sister down the hall when they were wheeling me into the next room and she definitely wanted you to be left there. She did not want us to take you home.

Me: Yeah, she cried "I don't want her", didn't she?

Mom: Well, they decided that since it was Christmas Eve the next day they would let me go home in the morning so you could have Christmas at home. They brought you to me in a stocking.

Me: Well, I mean possibly I was switched at birth, right? Because it was the wrong picture in the newspaper.

Mom: Well they had three babies that they were trying to get home, two dark headed babies and a light complected baby. In the newspaper, they said the first dark headed baby was Allison Leigh. But you're not switched.

Me: So scandalous.

Mom: Well I was upset because when you have a baby you're all emotional, and when we got home I didn't have Santa Clause for you because you weren't supposed to be born until the 27th. So my sister, Susan, and my mom actually went shopping on Christmas Eve so you would have Santa Clause.

Me: Yes, I remember it very well. It was great.

Mom: Well I couldn't have Santa Clause for Amanda and not you!

Me: So, what kind of baby was I?

Mom: When you were born, you immediately slept all night, you never woke me up during the night. I'd have to wake you up to feed you. And now you're opposite, you want to eat all the time. 

Me: This is true. You're welcome Lyn.

Mom: Well I wasn't planning on having another baby, Amanda was so bad and I just was done. I had sold all of the baby things, and so when I found out I was pregnant I was like "Oh my goodness" because I had already had my rough one. But then you came, and if I would have had you as my first baby I would have had ten. You were literally that good.

You were also a pacifier baby though. It was to the point where you would carry one pacifier in your hand and keep one in your mouth. You'd swap them out. One night, I got rid of the one in your hand and you were old enough to tell me to go to Walmart and buy you another one... So...

Well, it seems as though I was a quality baby! I will say I have gotten a lot louder and more snacky in my 28 years though, haha! 

In all seriousness, I loved getting to listen to my mom tell this story, and I'm super blessed and thankful for the life I've lived up to this point and for all she did raising me and my sister! 

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