My Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Next to my bun tutorial, the most requested blog post has been a makeup tutorial! And tonight I want to share with you how I do my everyday makeup look! This is likely how my makeup is done in any videos or photos you see of me. I am no makeup guru by any means (some of these techniques may be huge "makeup no-no's" but they work for me) so this tutorial is perfect for the everyday woman! There will also be a video tutorial at the end of this post for those of you who like that format best!

I use the Real Techniques sponge to apply my face makeup so I start by dampening that. You want to wet it under the sink, and the squeeze out the excess water. Wetting the sponge allows it to make your foundation look natural and blend in better with your skin.

Then I take the ItCosmetics CC cream in the shade light and dot it on the sponge. This is what I have been using forever and it is incredible! It isn't as heavy as a regular foundation, but still has a nice full coverage! I then just blot the foundation around with my sponge, blending it in and down my neck until it looks natural and gives me the coverage I want.

Next, I move on to my eye makeup! I use Real Techniques brushes that I bought together in a set, and for my eyes I start with the 308 brush! I have been using the Tartelette in Bloom palette since my sister got it for me for Christmas, and I love the neutral colors in it. 

I start by taking the shade "flower child" and blending it all over my lids as a base. Then I take "smarty pants" and blend it into the crease and outer corner. Using a neutral light color for the crease is key in getting an eye look that is well-blended out! I use the shade "jetsetter" next and layer that into my crease and outer corner as well. 

Switching to a smaller brush, the RT 307, and the shade "rebel" and repeat my earlier process, blending into my outer corner and crease. After that, I use the same small brush to place "smarty pants" on my lower lash line.

To blend everything together so I don't look as though I have two black eyes, I take the RT 310 brush and blend like crazy until it looks nice and well, blended!

Instead of using eyeliner, I like to take an eyebrow brush and the shade "activist" from the Tartelette palette for some definition under my bottom lash line. Finally, I use the dark plum in the palette, "leader", to define my outer corner and of course go back in with my RT 310 to blend. To clean up any fall out from the eye-shadow, I just take my sponge again and pat it under my eyes. Then I highlight my brow bone and inner corner using the shade "strobe" in the Tarteist PRO Glow palette

Going back in with the In Bloom palette and that same brow brush, I use the spooly and the shade "activist" to fill in my brows. Remember the rule, eyebrows are sisters not twins!

For my lashes, I've been loving the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara! Oddly enough, I use one old tube and one new tube to add the perfect volume! I use a blinking method to apply the mascara evenly to my top and bottom lashes.

Now, onto the cheeks! I use the NARS Orgasm Infatuation Cheek Palette for my bronzer. This palette was unfortunately a holiday only release so it is no longer available, but you can find the shades in it almost anywhere high end makeup is sold! I use the Laguna bronzer with my RT contour brush, blending it in my cheek bones, on my temples, and on my neckline- creating the shape of the number 3! Then taking the RT blush brush, I use the Merle Norman blush in Teakwood. Of course, the most important part is the highlight! I go back in with the Tarteist PRO glow palette and use the shade "strobe" again to highlight my the top of my cheekbones, tip + bridge of my nose, and cupid's bow! I like using the same highlight for my brow bone and face so it matches well.

Finally, I go in with my favorite lipstick, Loreal Colour Riche in Bold Mauve and typically top that off with NYX butter gloss in Creme Brulee!

And, that's it! I hope you found this helpful, and enjoyed seeing how I achieve my everyday makeup look!

Find a video tutorial here: 

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