Valentine's Day Mantel Style Guide

This past weekend I had the urge to create something fresh and fun for the approaching Valentine's holiday! It was so fun to curate this sweet look, and I wanted to show you how I did it, as well as give you tips on how to style a high design mantle for any season!

I always start any mantel, or styling project in general, with the statement pieces! These can be any large, focal pieces that really define your look. I chose a simple blackboard, and layered it with with a framed wood piece that I painted white.

Next, to continue the layered look and begin the Valentine's theme, I incorporated this pennant flag heart banner. One of my biggest tips is to avoid the tendency to make everything symmetrical, centered and straight. Asymmetry is key in high design, and creating a style that looks like a professional created it!

Then I added even more asymmetry with a stack of vintage books! If you saw my last blog post, you know what a fan I am of these. I layered the white, chippy vases on top-- filled with fresh eucalyptus and florals from a local florist shop!

Candle sticks are another great element to add into a mantel, and these worked perfectly with taper candles! I used varying heights, and again, made sure to not keep a symmetrical look by using two on the right side and one on the left side!

I also used some extra eucalyptus as a garland across the mantel! A tip: You can staple your florals so they lay exactly the way you like-- that's what I did with a few of the eucalyptus leaves that wouldn't lay like I desired. 

Finally, I added in this "Home Sweet Home" sign to complete the look and continue the rectangle shapes of the blackboard and wood sign. 

I absolutely adore the way this mantel turned out, and I hope you use these tips and tricks in your own styling adventures!

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