Outfits of the Week #OOTW January

My #OOTW series is back for January! This week was bitterly cold, so my style was all about layers, layers, and layers! Warmth and comfort was my motto this week for sure. 

Monday involved two different outfits because I was switching between working on our new storefront and filming videos for the day! (See the switcharoo on @pin.it.co Instagram's "Real Life" story highlight). I had the outfit pictured below tucked away under sweatpants and a jacket at one point-- minus the booties of course!

Jacket: Madewell
Sweater: Madewell
Shoes: Madewell

Clearly, I have a bit of a Madewell obsession...

Tuesday I wore a super casual and cozy outfit-- featuring a piece from one of my favorite, fellow #girlbosses boutique!

Sherpa: Jules & James Boutique. My girl Alison Grooms owns this super cute boutique, and I love supporting her! This sherpa was one of her Black Friday deals, and so it sold out FAST! 
Layering Shirt: Universal Thread (this shirt has a knot style at the bottom, but it is similar and the same brand to the long sleeve grey shirt I wore).
Jeans: Madewell (These 10" high-rise jeans are the best for slimming your figure!!)
Boots: L.L. Bean (Seriously, my #1 winter essential).

Friday's outfit was channeling my inner lumberjack, or Paula Bunyan, vibes. In all seriousness, I love styling my overalls different ways, and this look kept me super warm with all of the layers!

Overalls: Madewell (These are currently on a HUGE sale right now!)
Jacket: Madewell
Sweater: I got this Ralph Lauren red cowl neck sweater from TJMaxx, but you can find a similar one here.
Socks: Target
Boots: L.L. Bean

I hope you all enjoyed this month's #OOTW! I loved these outfits and had a super fun time styling them! If you purchase any of these pieces, or take inspiration from these outfits, make sure to send me a picture on Instagram @allyturpen so I can see!


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