2020 Year in Review!


 2020! What a crazy year it has been for so many people! With all the difficult things that happened this year, we want to bring you some joy and highlight some of our best moments of the last 12 months. I love doing this every year and getting to look back on some of the great experiences. I hope you enjoy!


In January, I was able to meet one of my favorite influencers-Liz Marie Galvan at the January market. 


In February, Shane took me to Nashville and I was able to meet Kim from City Farmhouse on Instagram! I got a signed copy of her new book! 

I also got a little crazy in February and painted my dining room floors while Shane was out of town! 


In March, we hosted our first ever brunch event in our Pin It Co. Cafe and called it "Brunch with Bonnie" named after my Maw Maw. Even though our cafe is no longer serving, we still enjoyed this event so much and so did all of you! 


In April we all know that things got twisted, but you guys showed up and showed out with ordering! A few of us still came in to work to make sure you got all of your Pin It Co. goodies! We hit a shipping record with only two people! 


In May we revealed some exciting news with you all! This was the month that we announced that our storefront was moving to Carrollton, Ga! 


In June we got to meet a Pin It Co. super fan! Our friend Denise visited us all the way from Arizona! Even though our new storefront wasn't open yet, we still gave her and her family the Pin It Co. experience! 


In July, we rescued another "fur"ever pet! On one of mine and Rex's evening "after Live sale" walks we found a kitten under the connivence store dumpster whining and wanting a new home! We took him in and he now lives happily with the rest of the Pin It Co. pets! 


At the beginning of August, we decided to host a Warehouse event since our new storefront had not yet opened. I got to meet so many of our amazing customers! These ladies were from Newnan, Ga! 

One of the most exciting things that happened this year would have to be opening our brand new storefront in Carrollton, Ga at the end of August! I have had my eye on Carrollton for quite some time and I could not be happier for the blessings that have come from this new venture!

As if opening a new storefront wasn't enough, we decided to head to one of my absolute favorite events: Vintage Pickin'--I got to take along some of my employees and we had a blast finding some unique, vintage items! If you haven't been to one of these events hosted by my girl April, you should definitely check it out! 


In September, my sweet Mama retired from the U.S. Postal Service after many years! She originally thought that she could kick back and relax, however, now she works for me! 


In October, my amazing team surprised me for Boss's Day and I could not be more thankful to work with such an awesome group of people! 

 Two rescue pets in one year, say what?! In all seriousness, I indeed rescued another kitten and added another pet to the Pin It Co. family. Just call me the crazy cat lady! :) 


In November, we launched another Christmas open house for you all! In true Ally fashion, I decided to pull an all-nighter and work in to the morning of the open house event. I truly am a perfectionist when it comes to my vision of how I want the store to look, even more so at Christmas time! 

Also in November, I decided to go to Vintage Pickin' for a second time, but this time it was for their Christmas event! We had a blast and even got to experience some snow! 

Black Friday is always a big event for us in November and this year was no different! I came up with the crazy idea to splatter paint the wall, the floor, and myself to hype up this event! As you can tell, I had so much fun with this! 

If Black Friday wasn't already crazy enough, my husband Shane decided to surprise me with an anniversary trip to Colorado. I had an amazing time and it turned out to be the breakaway I needed for this crazy time of year! Shoutout to my team for holding down the fort while allowing me to enjoy some time away! 


In December, we took a couple's trip with a group of my friends to the mountains. We had a blast together and enjoyed so many fun experiences! 

Overall, even though this was a crazy, rollercoaster year I still had so many enjoyable moments and experiences. I hope that you enjoyed this walk down memory lane with me and looking back on all the fun we had this year! 

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