2020 Spring Favorites

So many of you have been asking questions on my Live Videos about my favorite things-- outside of home decor! I thought I would come on over here to the blog to share them all with you!

These are some of my favorite things that I've been loving this Spring! Some are long time loves of mine and some are brand new to me, but either way, these are things I have been loving this season!

Whenever Springtime comes back around, I always like to start getting my tan back on! I don't like to lie in a tanning bed, and I don't have a ton of time to tan outside, so self-tanner is my best friend! Loving Tan is definitely the BEST self-tanner I have found so far! I use the 2 HR Express because it works so quickly!

Warmer weather coming back around means it's time to pull out my Rainbow Sandals and wear them all day, every day! I shop small whenever I can, and I got a new pair of my favorite sandals from the Squire Shop in Carrollton this year! They have an option to order online as well!

Spring here at Pin it Co. brings a lot of crazy things going on, and lately, we have been busier than ever! I need ALL the caffeine I can get and this gum has been my go-to for a while! NueroGum is a caffeine gum and gives you a good bit of energy without having to drink coffee! I like that NeuroGum is Aspartame-free and keeps me focused!

Even in the Spring, I love a good jean jacket! On the days when it's just a little bit chilly, this jean jacket from Madewell comes in super handy! I keep it on hand for whenever I might need to throw it on!

Speaking of jackets, my olive utility jacket has been a long-time staple! It's another jacket than I can throw on whenever it gets a little chilly in the Spring! The exact Madewell jacket I have is currently sold out, but this similar style from Madwell is almost identical!

Continuing the trend of things I can just throw on when those Spring mornings are a bit cold, this Target cardigan is a favorite of mine! I usually keep it nearby here at the warehouse so whenever a cool breeze sneaks it, I have it ready! The cream color goes with everything!

Now onto some of my favorite makeup products! If you're using self-tanner, you always want to add bronzer to your face! It helps tan and add a glow to your face! My favorite 
bronzer is the Bronze Goddess from Estee Lauder!

I like a fairly light weight foundation, especially as the weather starts to warm up! This Neutrogena Hydro Boost Foundation is my go-to!

The Loreal Voluminous Lash Paradise mascara is a tried and true favorite for me! Seriously-- the BEST! It's a dupe for a popular high-end mascara, and in my opinion, honestly works better! 

I've been using this lipstick for the longest time! It's the Colour Riche line from Loreal in Bold Mauve! The lip gloss is a newer addition to my collection, but I love it! It's the Kylie Jenner gloss in Koko K!

If you're looking for a good and peachy highlighter for this time of year, Becca's Champagne Pop is such a great choice! I love the peach tones that are perfect for Spring and Summer!

Spring is the time for natural and beachy hair, and my Bed Head waver helps me get that look! It takes just a few minutes for me to do my entire head of hair with this took, and I always end up with super relaxed and fun waves!

These are just a few of my favorite things, in the Spring and year round!! I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the things I love and use constantly!

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