Our 2 Year CommentSold Birthday!

If you saw the title of this blog, you know that we are celebrating our two year birthday with CommentSold! May 19th marks two whole trips around the sun using this awesome software and it has been such a fun time! We wanted to take a look back on some of the milestones and memories we've shared along the way, since CommentSold has really allowed us to take you guys on this crazy journey that is Pin it Co!

Check out this fun and adorable video that highlights some of our best Live Sale moments!

I also wanted to re-cap some other highlights from our 2 years!

Our first item: Vintage Hardware Tray
The first item we ever posted with CommentSold went up on May 19th at 9:00 a.m. The Vintage Hardware Tray was a hot seller for months!

Our Best-Selling Item: Hand-Poured Soy Melts
Can you guess what our best-selling item ever has been?? Our Hand-Poured Soy Melts took the lead! We have sold 2,104 melts in total! That's craziness! Our best selling sent has been Gather-- we've sold 394 of that scent alone!

We hit a huge group member milestone when we reached 15,000 members on July 1st, 2017-- just less than two months after being with CommentSold we grew 10,000 members!

Our first live sale went down on May 30th, 2017-- they weren't regular then, but that was our beginning... and the rest was history!

On May 5th, 2018 we launched an app with CommentSold! It's gotten a new look since then because on June 1st of that same year, we rebranded!

Our journey with CommentSold has been one like no other! We have loved the last two years and loved sharing it with all of you!

We hope you'll continue to stay along for the ride!

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