Meet my Team!

Today I want to introduce you to my team! They are such a huge part of what I do every day and I'm super proud of the crew I've put together! I want to you to meet them, hear about what they do at Pin it Co., and learn a few other things about them!

My husband, Shane:

Shane is our inventory manager at the warehouse, co-owner, and also my husband!! 
He is an Army Vet and I'm super proud of him! He loves hunting all year round, and you can follow his very professional hunting Instagram @redbeard.outdoors!


Brittany has been a friend of mine for so long! She handles ALL of our live sales, mini sales, product wall postings, etc.! That means she is always busy prepping these super far in advance and finalizing what is going on every day!
She is a mom of a 2 year old, sweet Myra! She is the only mom (of humans) here at Pin it Co. and we love when Myra comes to visit us! She's lived in various states and countries when her and her husband traveled with the Army. She also loves the outdoors-- camping, skiing, traveling, and the like! She also is a fur mama, and has two rough collies that she loves!


Katie is our shipping-extraordinare! Seriously, anything you receive in the mail from Pin it Co.-- she has had her hands on!
She is a crazy chicken lady-- the mom of NINE of them! She also has had her rabies vaccine, believe it or not! You'll have to ask her for that story! And, she is a proud Clemson grad! One of the best days of her life happened this year when Clemson won the National Championship!


Maddey is my store manager! She has been in retail of some form all her life and makes an excellent fit for our store!
She loves shopping-- naturally! She also just recently got married in October, and lives in a cute farmhouse with her husband and two dogs, Eve the lab and Zoey the wiener dog! She loves to host parties and so of course, her love language is gift giving!


If you have visited our storefront, you have seen Jessi! She is there almost every second it is open helping all of you create a home that you love!
She is also engaged and will be getting married this summer! She loves golfing (seriously, she even goes with my husband sometimes) and spending time with her friends and loved ones.


EJ is our primary content creator! She photographs events, new items in store, and the majority of photos and videos you see on my blog are her doing!
She is not only our photographer though, she owns her own photography business- ENewbern Photography! Go check her out! She is married, has an adorable bulldog, and a cat that often finds herself stuck in trees. Another fun fact-- she has a Youth Ministry degree!

Anna K.:

Anna K. is one of our storefront girls who is also probably a familiar face if you've been by-- she's there every day!
She has a degree in Social Work and would really love if Stevie Nicks (if you're ever reading this) could sing at her upcoming wedding!


Haley is our expert order picker and local pick-up fulfillment extraordinaire! She moves at the speed of light, I'm really not kidding.
She is a big time animal lover, as you can see above, and is always smiling! 


Danai is one of my girls who works in a ton of different aspects of Pin it Co.! She alternates from tagging products, picking orders, and working in the storefront.
She has three guinea pigs, a rabbit, a dog and a fish-- practically a zoo right! (As if I have any room to talk). She also used to live in an Amish town in Pennsylvania!

Anna T.

Anna T. is our social media gal! She schedules out posts for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest (follow us at Pin it Co.) and creates some of the content for those posts like photos and graphics! You've also probably seen her at craft night with a paint brush in hand.
She is a cat mama, a student at UWG, and a lover of ice cream. She's also planning to move overseas after college to do mission work teaching English!


Lindsey is our creative genius! 
She has been keeping it crafty since 1992 with numerous up-cycling projects, but took her trade to NY in 2010 where she attended school for fashion design. After school she taught sewing and art in studios in Manhattan while crafting for event companies in New York. Now she freelances creating online content for commercial companies, as well as crafting imaginative displays for our storefront!


Callie is another one of my girls who alternates between various tasks! She frequently tags products, and is more recently being trained to work in our storefront!
She is also Lindsey's sister-- which makes work super fun! She plays tennis and is the youngest on our Pin it Co. team! Also, if you challenge her to a whistle off, she will so win! Seriously, she's got mad skills.


Aside from my husband, Rex is the only other man on our team! He brings a fun energy in our storefront.
He is a student at UWG majoring in Early Childhood Education and also works with the Bowdon Elementary School Afterschool program. He substitute teaches and even styles hair for weddings, proms, pageants and other special events! Truly a Jack of All Trades!

I hope that you enjoyed getting to meet my team through today's blog and I hope that next time you shop in store or online you'll say hi! They're a really incredible group of people and I am immeasurably proud of all of them! 

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